Refueling Trailer, Before You Buy

Refueling Tank Trailers are a great solution to remote fueling needs. Today we are going to discuss the many applications that Refueling Tank Trailers can address. The obvious first thought most people have is for Agricultural applications. That is a good one, but surprisingly is around number 7 on the top ten list of most common applications. Most Refueling Tank Trailers are used as ground support for Helicopter companies and small fixed wing operations. The reasons for this are pretty obvious. Next is Marine applications. Whether a Marina or someone with a large boat tank to fill a Refueling Tank Trailer makes it much easier and can save a good bit of time and money at the same time. The third place user is for Fleet services. Limo companies, taxi services, anyone with several vehicles to maintain. They find that having fuel on site and dispensing fuel quantities “as needed “, in other words, a quarter of a tank at a time or less as needed, saves fuel because it saves weight, saves pilfering from siphoning and gives a fleet manager much better control over one of his biggest costs. Did you know that the most common fuel theft occurs when a fleet driver has his Wife or friend meet him at the gas station? They then add some fuel to their private car, then top up the fleet vehicle. This is a very common and expensive theft. Fourth and fifth place are very close, so they will be mentioned in the same reference. Construction and Landscaping. Even small construction and landscape companies can benefit from a Refueling Tank Trailer. Small companies like these report that they spend a combined average of 14 man hours a week at the gas station, some even more. Understand, you mobilize a crew of 7 guys, 2 or three trucks to a job. The first thing they must do that morning is to stop by the gas station. You are now paying the labor costs for 7 men to sit in a truck and wait while three vehicles wait their turns to fill up. You do the math. This compared to one unskilled man taking time at the end of the day to go around and top up all the vehicles and equipment that will be dispatched the next day. Sixth place, City Municipalities. Every city has a big need for Refueling Tank Trailers. Practically every city in the country has stand by Emergency Generators. Depending on how remote they are and the fuel type and source, they need to keep these GenSets full of fuel. In the event of a disaster, a stand by fuel source could be very valuable. Loss of utilities can easily occur for several days. Agricultural applications come in for seventh place. The reasons farmers need a Refueling Tank Trailer are obvious. One thing that is not so obvious is the design needs of the average farmer. Farmers need a system that can be easily managed and maneuvered into small sometimes remote places. For instance, if you ever have to tow a Refueling Tank Trailer into a furrowed field you will understand the importance of an index able torsion suspension. A suspension that allows you to raise or lower the ground clearance as needed. Also, when you go to turn around you will realize the importance of a single axle suspension. Tandem axle setups are not easy to turn in a confined area and will do some serious rutting to a furrowed field. Rounding out the top ten is, Institutions like schools, organizations, hospitals. Indian Tribes, Military, FBI, ATF, Coast Guard, Survivalists, Even home owners. There are many many needs and applications for a Refueling Tank Trailer. They will most certainly pay for themselves in time and convenience. Not to mention the benefit of having 390 gallons of fuel on hand when disaster strikes. Smart people do their damage control in advance. Be prepared.

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