Refueling Tank Trailer, Things you should know…

Portable fuel storage tanks are a great solution to remote fueling needs. But there are many things you should know before buying one. First, your Refueling Tank Trailer should be Legal Nationwide. In addition to that you want a Gas/Diesel Fuel Trailer that has been properly Engineered and Designed. Some companies just buy a regular production round horizontal tank and put it on an already built trailer. They usually buy the trailer and the tank from separate sources and simply assemble them. The problem with this is that the entire system is not engineered. That simply means that you could easily end up with a trailer rated to tow 12,000 lbs or more when you are only towing around 2500 to 3000 lbs of fuel. Of course you end up paying for all that unnecessary “overbuild” and towing thousands of extra pounds down the road for no reason. Not to mention the DOT restrictions that apply to trailers labeled for over 10K gross weight.

These fuel storage tanks are pretty easy to spot. They normally have tandem axles with tires rated 4 times over the work load. This results in additional maintenance costs as well. The Refueling Tank Trailer should be as compact and as light as design allows for. Off road applications, construction sites, Marine and aviation applications all are better managed with a small compact properly designed system. Your Refueling Tank Trailer should have a torsion suspension that can be raised or lowered as needed depending on the application. Torsion suspensions are much more sensitive and responsive to road challenges. Spring suspensions are very harsh, and if the Gas Diesel Fuel Trailer is “overbuilt” the spring suspension will be very stiff and rigid as your gross weight is not even sufficient to activate the suspension. This results in shortened equipment life. Next you want to look for diesel fuel tanks that has a full interior baffle system. A full interior baffle system is very important because it gives you complete surge control over the fuel. A properly designed baffle will control fuel surge in all directions. Refueling Tank Trailers that incorporate Squared tank designs are much stronger than the round horizontal production tanks. Round Horizontal tanks are actually designed to be STATIC tanks. Placed in a spot and never moved. They are not structurally designed for over the road transport. It is very important that the refueling Tank Trailer have a means of easily and quickly draining the entire tank contents. A ¾ Inch drain plug in the bottom of the tank is essential. Finally, your Refueling Tank Trailer should be UL-142 compliant. The manufacturer should also have an independent pressure test certification process. This will confirm the soundness and integrity of the tank before it is even shipped. Remember, sometimes “overbuilt” simply means, not engineered and you are paying for it. In an ideal situation you will find a wholesale manufacturer that can ship a Refueling Tank Trailer directly to your door. This will save you money in many ways. It allows you to buy more competitively, and allows you to order the Tank Trailer and wait for it to be delivered. If you just go out and buy what you can find locally from a “dealer” you will not have much to choose from and you will be paying the dealers mark up. So save some money and buy an engineered system from a wholesale manufacturer.

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