Compare Fuel Trailer Models

The “EZE-GAS”™ refueling Hi Octane Trailer is a Safe, Rugged, Durable fuel trailer available in three different models. If you’re looking for a fuel storage trailer for sale at a competitive price, you’ve come to the right place. Our fuel trailers for sale are USDOT exempt nationwide and come with an attached VIN number and federal compliance stickers. They are also Canada RIV compliant, with all necessary customs documents included at no extra charge.

Hi Octane Trailer offers flexible fuel storage tanks for sale to private consumers as well as members of the agriculture, aviation, boating, construction and many other industries. We ship our “EZE-GAS”™ fuel storage trailers nationwide, fully assembled.

Our EZE-Gas™ fuel storage trailers are designed with your convenience, rather than our bottom line, in mind. While we do offer many parts and options for purchase, general feature items such as the wheels and hubs we have chosen to use are commonly available anywhere parts are sold.

Additional notes about your Hi Octane EZE-Gas™ fuel trailer:

The Pump:
Your portable gasoline fuel trailer ships fully wired and fully assembled. Pump includes wire harness to trailer battery.

The Battery:
The battery can be charged from your truck’s charging system. This is easy to do with a wire lead from the alternator to the 6in pin plug at the back of the truck, available at any local trailer repair center.

The Trailer:
Hi Octane Trailers are designed so that serviceable parts are commercially available to you wherever parts are sold, for your convenience and ease of replacement when and if you need them.

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