Fuel Trailers

Gas Fuel Trailers have been gaining popularity over the last several years. Today we are going to review a few things to remember or to be aware of before buying a Gas Fuel Trailer. Most trailers are way over built. This is, of course, because they were not properly engineered. It amazes me when I see a 12,000 GVW trailer with a 500 gallon tank on it. Gasoline weighs about 6.20 lbs per gallon and diesel weighs about 6.80 pounds per gallon. With a fill capacity of 80% that means a payload average of 2600 lbs. Are they just over building these to try and justify the price they are charging? An engineered system is better than just put together. A system that is engineered from the ground up will save lots of money and give better service.

Prepare in advance. Disaster preparedness. hurricanes, earthquakes, floods. terrorist attacks. When disaster strikes utilities may not be available for days or weeks. The guys who have 400 gallons of fuel will be the ones out there responding, helping people, and booking the recovery work. You can be grounded like everybody else, or mobile and in action.

Gas Fuel Trailers pay for themselves very quickly. Yes, it is true; they allow you too much better control one of your biggest costs. Paying a crew to refuel equipment and trucks at the local gas station before starting work that morning is very expensive. Let an unskilled worker fill equipment and trucks the night before at the equipment yard. We have customers tell us that fuel costs dropped 40% the first month they started using a Gas Fuel Trailer . It is important that your trailer is Legal Nationwide You should buy your refueling tank trailer from a company that sells units that are legal nationwide and can ship your new unit direct to your address fully assembled for just a few hundred dollars. For safety sake your trailer should be Highway rated. You want a system that can be towed at any highway speed safely. A full interior baffle is essential for this task. You can buy your refueling tank trailer from a dealer or direct from a wholesale manufacturer. Yep, that’s right. Buying direct from a manufacturer will save you hundreds even thousands of dollars. So save some money on your trailer and at the pump. Buy your fuel trailer today.

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