Landscaping & Construction Refueling Trailer

The construction fuel trailer is a convenient and necessary piece of equipment for any construction project. These compact trailers can be transported from site to site, expediting workflow to save time, manpower, and expense.

With a construction refueling trailer, you don’t have to worry about transporting each vehicle to a fueling station. One person can service and refuel all the vehicles and equipment while the rest of the team maintains the workflow and keeps the project on schedule. Buying gas in bulk also saves you money in the long run.

Construction sites and landscaping projects are full of hazards. Fortunately, the landscaping refueling trailer meets all U.S. safety regulations. Hoses and nozzles are built to withstand high temperatures brought on by weather and other pieces of equipment. Steel tanks ensure proper insulation and prevent leaks while creating a light, durable frame for easy transport. The Hi Octane Trailer “EZE-GAS” refueling trailer’s optional Grounding lines reduce the chance of static in electrically hazardous areas, preventing combustion or explosion. Waterproof design and materials keep your construction refueling trailer running in rain or shine.

The Hi Octane “EZE-GAS” construction and landscaping refueling trailer, USDOT/FMCHSA exempt, presents enduring design and engineering perfectly suited for the needs of a construction or landscaping project. Robust materials and quality workmanship go into every detail of the Hi Octane “EZE-GAS” trailer. Add the construction fuel trailer to your cart, or feel free to send us an email if you need help making your selection.

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