Boat Diesel Trailer

The Hi Octane Trailer “EZE-GAS” portable boat gas trailer is a welcome addition to any boater’s supplies, allowing for safe and efficient refueling wherever you and your boat go.

Fuel costs have become exceedingly expensive. A boat refueling trailer dramatically cuts fuel costs by reducing the manpower necessary to refill your private watercraft. You can control exactly how much gas goes into your boat without wasting fuel or sacrificing fuel economy. You can also store several hundred gallons at once, giving you a ready supply of fuel while the prices at the pump continue to rise.

A boat diesel trailer has numerous safety features and specifications, such as the optional grounding lines to prevent sparking or wayward static that could lead to combustion hazards. Water in the fuel tank is a common problem with boats and can lead to rust, failures to start, and diminished fuel efficiency, but the waterproof design of our portable boat gas trailer ensures that only petrol or diesel goes into the tank during fueling.

A boat diesel trailer also gives you access to fuel at any time of day. Instead of relying on fuel docks or towing your boat all the way to a gas station, you can take gas directly to wherever your boat is docked.

The Hi Octane Trailer “EZE-GAS” boat refueling trailer is a convenient and efficient way to store and dispense fuel. USDOT/FMCHSA exempt, the Hi Octane Trailer “EZE-GAS” trailer is a robust piece of equipment that matches quality materials and exceptional engineering to deliver a product that can withstand all obstacles. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question or want to purchase a refueling trailer that puts safety and quality above all else.

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