Aviation Fuel Trailers

Fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters burn through several gallons of fuel per minute. They require fuel more often than most other vehicles. Aviation fuel trailers help to store and transport extra fuel throughout the airport or aerodrome.

Airplane fuel storage tanks feature robust equipment capable of handling aviation fuel, which is highly volatile and naturally flammable. The Hi Octane Trailer “EZE-GAS” refueling trailer’s optional grounding reels and lines discharge static to prevent sudden fires from sparks in electrically hazardous conditions. Aviation-grade hoses and nozzles are designed to withstand high temperatures and resist flames and heat. Steel tanks are treated to hold and deliver all forms of fuel, from diesel to Avgas to Jet A.

Airplane and helicopter fuel trailers significantly reduce the manpower necessary to refuel a series of aircrafts, saving you a great deal of time that could be spent doing something else. Furthermore, aviation fuel trailers allow you to fill your aircraft with only as much fuel as it would need for a given flight, giving you precise control over your plane’s weight and fuel economy while diminishing losses from siphoning and fuel thefts.

Not all destinations have refueling stations. Airplane and helicopter fuel trailers ensure that you always have a ready supply of gas wherever you go. You will never have to worry about being stranded or waiting for a fuel trailer to get to you.

The Hi Octane Trailer “EZE-GAS” refueling trailer is USDOT/FMCHSA exempt, legal nationwide on all public roadways and suitable for all fuels. We make sure each Hi Octane Trailer “EZE-GAS” trailer is built with quality materials and durable parts to ensure complete safety and usability. Purchase airplane fuel storage tanks of your very own or contact us if you have any questions.

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