Our fueling systems are unique in our industry. Several characteristics set us and our products apart.

Hi Octane Trailer is a manufacturer, not a reseller. Some people pay retail for parts and components, assemble and mark up the price. They are simply reselling. We manufacture our systems. Therefore, we maintain the highest level of quality and our prices are the lowest in the nation.

In our 500 and 1000 fueling systems, we have several built-in features that are standard.  Both are capable of dual pump service just by adding an additional pump.  Saves times and time is money!

  • Our pumps are mounted on the trailer and fed from near bottom on the front head of the tank. This puts a lot of static pressure behind the pump and eliminates stress on the pump which adds life to your pump. Due to our design if a pump should fail, fuel will flow freely because of gravity and pressure.
  • With our partitioned systems both fuels draw from near bottom of the tank. The partitions can be configured to your specification. example: 60/40,  50/50.
  • We have pump service from 25 GPM to 70 GPM depending on your specific needs.
  • Both the 500 and 1000 have a three foot tool catch area on the front of the trailer which  contains the pumps, reel kits, user provided tool box, DEF tanks and dispenser, spill response kits, and/or your tools. All optional.
  • Our fuel trailers come with a 5 year warranty, pumps two years, tanks one year, and reel kits one year.

One of the critical issues facing municipalities and businesses during a recovery operation is fueling.  Our systems can be used in remote or high demand locations and can be relocated as the needs in the region change.  With our solar power options, power outages are no issue and the systems maintain themselves.  These fueling systems are a must have in any disaster recovery operation and state and local governments, emergency responders and disaster recovery operators would benefit greatly in having these systems as part of their disaster recovery plan.

If you have specific needs please contact us.  Since we manufacture all of our products, we can build exactly what you need.  As always, we believe we build the best quality fueling system at the best price in the country. If you discover otherwise, please let us know.


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